Discover the exciting new world of mathematics for kids

Education & Business technologies is the owner and developer of Jumpido for Baltic and Nordic region


Mathematics made fun!

Jumpido - the modern-day assistant for primary school teachers

Jumpido is great learning platform, suitable for primary school students aged 6 to 12. All you need to use Jumpido in your classroom is a multimedia projector (or large TV), laptop or PC*.

Set of 6 different types of educational games. Each game type has 5 difficulty levels (some more). The educational games are related to counting (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, etc.). Two players can play games simultaneously, depending on the type of game, players cooperate or compete.

Education & Business Technologies designed and created Jumpido software, which lets users create their own quizzes on an online platform and download them to their software. So, children may play and learn any topic teachers want.

All games and user manuals are in Lithuanian and English language. Unlimited license for one computer.

Engaging activities


There are lots of balloons flying up into the sky. The only trouble is – there’s only one with the correct answer! Students need to work as a team to pop all the incorrect balloons.


In this game, two pupils face-off as the star striker for their soccer team. But there’s a catch – they have to solve math problems before they can score the winning goal!


Math problems appear on tree branches. The baskets at the bottom have the solutions to the problem. Students have to grab the problem and put it in the correct basket.



It’s an old fashioned standoff! Once the fairy flies by with the question, elves on the bottom of the screen stand next to possible answers. The children must copy what the ‘correct’ elf is doing to win!


Hedgehogs need help to get back to their dens! Each hedgehog carries problems from the left bank of the river. And the solution lies within their den on the right. The only way they can get safely home is if pupils work together to solve math problems. Just beware, lady hedgehogs don’t like uninvited guests!



Apples are falling from the sky! Quick, there isn’t much time! Each apple has a math problem on it. It’s up to pupils to work together and make sure as many delicious apples fall into the right tree.

So who comes up with the content?

Well, the people who matter most in education - the teachers. Jumpido works with local publishers to translate content in a way that's tailored to your curriculum and easy to understand.

Fun in the classroom

A next-generation motion-sensing device that enables you to control video games without touching a controller! To play, users execute a series of body gestures. It also promotes physical activity in the classroom and helps break through learning barriers with fun, energetic, and easy-to-play games!

Senosor (adapted and programmed by Education & Business technologies) is included. Connects to a PC, it scans movements, captures the position of the players in space and replicates this by controlling the game characters. Captures 2 players simultaneously.

Physical exercises

Kids love to jump around and have fun - we all know that. So why not harness all of that positive energy to fuel their desire for learning?

A set of games to encourage movement. Players make gestures without any additional devices in their hands.

Children love to play together...

Research shows that games are an excellent educational tool. With Jumpido, students can use their math skills to compete against each other. Or they can join forces and work together to smash problems and win!

At the end of a game, feedback is generated that is intentionally designed not to be too detailed, and encourages students to work together. Teachers can use this feedback to understand how they can help pupils improve their math skills.

Adaptive learning

Jumpido is a crazy world that's always changing! And there’s no chance of students getting bored because every time you play, the problems are different. What's more, children of all abilities can play! Thanks to Jumpido’s adaptive content, difficulty increases when pupils answer correctly and decreases when problems are answered incorrectly.

Engaging kids in the classroom

Nowadays, primary school children are digital natives - they were born to use smart technology! This means traditional teaching methods just aren't going to cut it. Kids feel more at home with interactive content. And with game-based learning, pupils can't complete game objectives without understanding the math. That's why Jumpido makes learning mathematics effortless.

The guarantee period is 12 months from the date of signature of the delivery and acceptance certificate. As part of the warranty, the Supplier shall organise, at its own expense and effort, the removal of the goods from their location and their return to the place from which they were removed (which may be any school or other educational institution in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania).

The guarantee period is 12 months for the sensor and 5 years for software.


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